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As I type this, the dye is bought – and I’m just waiting for a quiet moment to try it out. I’m actually quite scared about it, as it’s been 15 years since I had bright hair.

There’s a woman who has inspired me a lot. I met her on a birthing board I joined when expecting Arthur.  As we shared our stories hers stood out – her baby was going to be through a surrogate, as she, Emily had a lung transplant a few years prior due to cystic fibrosis.  Emily always had something inspirational to share, a great positive outlook on life and we spoke several times through facebook about different things, and her advice was always spot on.

Sadly, last year Emilys’ health began to take a downturn, and though she recieved a second lung transplant she passed away last year.  My wonderful mayflower friends have since then donated and fundraised for the charity she co-founded (live life then give life), and some of them will be running the Leeds Half Marathon in may, in her memory.  I’d love to have been there with them, but unfortunately it’s in the middle of my term time, boo.

So my hair is for Emily, in her memory – an amazing star in the sky.

If you’d like to donate to live life then give life you can through:- This link to my wonderful friend Hilary Hall’s Just Giving page. Hils is running the half marathon in May – and it’s going AWESOME with her training!

As you already know, I’m running for The Miscarriage Association – if you’d like to support my London shenanigans then my link is right here!

As promised, some loong overdue nail action!  I *did* have lovely long talons, but bowling utterly ripped my ring finger off, so I had no choice but to start again.  The ring finger isn’t very well shaped right now, but I had to just make do with what I had!

I decided that pink and sparkle would cheer me up, so got the risque out and this lovely Barry M sparkle I got from my secret santa 😀 😀 😀

Blurry in the foreground, this is what happens when you slack for several weeks people!

A few days later I decided to spruce it up with my Isa Dora Pink grafitti, I liked the subtleness of this one. 🙂

What do you think?

So these are two of my recent acquisitions from the lovely Magic Maid and Chocaddict respectively A colour called Penelope Charmosa from a brand called Risque and Essence Nail art twins in Carrie.

I’m really loving the nail art twins for blinging up one of my fingers – I think they will be super great for christmas or special occasions too.  I promise to show you some more looks.

Both polishes were pretty easy to work with, I believe Risque is brazillian?


So here’s Pink Spice, from Accessorize. This is meant to be a bit of a Bad Fairy dupe, not I must admit I don’t have a single MAC to my collection, even less the Bad Fairy, so I can’t compare.  I think like the OPI dupe before it, this colour isn’t actually quite spot on, it’s more on the pinky side of things.  However for missy Gem who it’s not a bad polish, and I love anything duo-chrome, so win!

Picture overload, since I really wanted to capture this bugger, haha

Blargh, my bottle was a bit icky on the cap, but lookie duo-chrome!

Looking all pinky

Direct sunlight, kinda washes out duochrome, stackars!

The late night shots were pretty good for capture…

But for the best capture I have to credit ze iphone…. what do you think!

This is purple dream by the iphone, also caputred better.

So what do you think?  I purchased this from their webside though it was sold out when I looked yesterday, and their idea of shipping to europe is pretty flawed – It was only that I wanted a new bag and I got it sent via my mums in the UK!

Only a late night crap picture – but I’ll be sure to take some awesome ones tomorow.

Pink Spice – I don’t think it’s dark enough to be a Bad Fairy, but it is duo-chrome. Can’t wait to see it in the daylight.

Purple Dream – Purple/blue duo-chrome – will take better pictures in the morning.

Another bad fairy dupe?

(Picture shamefully pilfered from their website, free advertising though – please don’t shoot me!)

This from Accessorize.

More on the collection from the ever awesome Lacquerized from a few weeks back.

Lippmann – Call me Irresponsible OoTD and Shopping….

Today was the turn of a Lippann – Call me Irresponsible.  This is a jelly – unlke how it looks in the bottle, and this is 4 coats and still not completely sorted to the camera. Blah.

And some shopping highlights, because I know you like them!


This is todays offering to the OoTD Gods, you’ve seen most of it before, but I’m trying out big shoulders 😀

Tops – H&M and Lindex customi….destroyed.

Belt – H&M

Leggings H&M

Ikea Lamp 🙂

Small H&M Haul including a new long Jumper, cotton top and the pink dotty top .

Pinks and Purples NoTD and OoTD

So over the Nfu.oh went some pink Isa Dora Grafitti – which I rather like the look of – what do you think?

OoTD features a skirt I made over the weekend… you likey leaky? Oh and a reet good grimace!

Tops H&M

Belt H&M

Skirt – Gem-made

Leggings – Lindex

Socks – Indiska


I can’t say this colour set me on fire really – it’s kinda boring.  But at least it’s a safe colour should I ever need one.

Applied pretty well – this is two coats.

A nice colour for breast cancer awareness month I guess though 🙂

Graffiti Strikes again BCA post

So here’s todays polish for you!

I have a thing for layering, especially if it means I can change the look of my polish and not have to use remover for another day.  Of course it means that instead of perhaps an easy and fast removal – it takes longer and I get annoyed… but well layering is pretty mkay?

This is Isadora graffiti in pink over the DS Passion I showed you over the weekend.  I rather like how it’s quite subtle but all holo-like underneath.  One thing I also adore is that the graffiti stuck to the slight tip wear I had masking it completely. NICE!

Also the pink works very well over this colour. To begin with I was quite disappointed by the colour of the polish, not anymore!

Then we have an e-bay purchase for a friend who has the *most* amazing nails ever with these things in them at the moment.  I might actually ask if I can start taking pictures of her nails to go on here… they are awesome.

I’m not sure by some of these to be honest, a *lot* of flours and what the hell is that white one top right? or the scary woman underneath….. or the bear?!