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I had utterly forgotten about this, check out fixsuckypix for the actual touch up of the picture – which is pretty damn good I have to say 🙂

but yeah, he was playing around a little:-

‘…but…of course…if you REALLY want to give it some POP and some POW!…one could always do this…’

Admittedly we’re more a True Blood sort of couple, but this is just so.very.funny

If you have a picture that could do with a little something fixed then give him a go – he’s awesome, and has a reak sense of humour.

Macho Sallad anyone?

I forgot how it tends to get dark earlier in the day now, so failed at doing my nials in time to post – but this made me giggle this evening – A scene from a swedish movie – farsan – macho salad! Even if you don’t get swedish it will make you facepalm or laugh!

Boobquake (gigglesnort of the day)

After an Iranian Cleric was quoted saying that women dressing immodestly was causing earth tremors, the blogosphere has decided to test the theory

Classic 🙂