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Firstly I’m sorry Mr T, you’re looking enthusiastic on the internets.

Saturday was awesome, and I’m still on a runner’s high from it.  That being said it wasn’t easy – and there’s a few things that I’m really really thankful for (gosh this has a bit of an oscar acceptance speech about it):-

Mr T, for not minding that I went off chasing dreams of sub2 – and much advice/listening to me babble on for weeks about whether I was going to do it or not, if it was even remotely possible, et. al.

The in-laws for hanging with the kids  – THANK YOU!

A post from fit and feminist  about learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It struck a chord with me right after London Marathon and last week on reading again, it stuck with me through the race and helped me through a nasty stitch.

and finally a bizarre one – Dr Quench whom in letting me know that I needed to only intake 250ml water/drink during the race (he offers personalised plans based on factors unique to you, and the race conditions) made my whole water station stress (see Stockholm Half) a distant memory.

So we arrived in Göteborg on the Friday, stayed in an absolutely awesome hotel (Clairon Post, right outside central station) and managed to take the tram to get our numbers without any fails.

Saturday morning we met briefly with some friends who were also running, I grabbed a sandwich, then we set off down to the start. The race itself is the biggest half marathon in the world, and thus has quite a few start groups. We’d won places from our work – and so were starting quite early on in group 7 (with estimated finish times of 1:40-1:50). With that in mind we settled ourselves in the back of the group and chatted with a friend. Till it was time to walk towards the start. The atmosphere was pretty laid back, yet tense – everyone raring to go, we hadn’t really especially warmed up before hand – I’m still of the thoughts that it’s a Half Marathon – I’ll be warmed up soon enough.

On the way to the start line I saw another friend, then boom! Over the start and we were off, the group had spread out quite a bit, so it wasn’t too crowded. The first few kilometres through the park were quite nice, lovely people cheering on the edges, and a great atmosphere. I will admit that I did have my headphones in pretty much the whole way around – I was very very excited about listening to music though for some unknown reason.

The first hills went off without a hitch, somewhere near the first bridge, I realised that when my pulse was around 180 (just into zone 5 and around 85% max) I was ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ and decided it was a good place to be for the rest of the race, which worked really well until stitch hit around 13km just before the second bridge.

I met a lovely lady around 10km, who was aiming for a similar time, and we talked a little for the next 3km (until said stitch), she helped me quite a bit in keeping going/pushing – I wish I’d seen her at the end to thank her – I hope she got a good time – when we parted company at the energy station she seemed to sprint off into the distance!

The second bridge was tough, I usually find I hit a wall around 10-15km, and Göteborg was no exception. I had some time in the bank though thanks to flying downhill after the first bridge, so dropping 10 seconds a kilometre turned out okay in the end.

I didn’t manage to get speed up again until there were only a couple of kilometres left. After the second bridge you go down onto the ‘avenue’ which is in the centre of Göteborg – so many many people, but it also a slight incline (thanks for that Göteborg) and quite tightly packed, which means you end up weaving if you want to try overtake, on top of that my feet had started being tired – and I was trying to avoid the nastier surfaces (a downside of five-fingers and having lots of ground feel).

Turning the roundabout at the top was a relief, though it was only brief as there was more incline before the end including another tight pedestrian bridge to take us back to the park, where a lot of people were walking and again I needed to weave to get past.

It opened up again in the park, and at 20-21km I changed my gps-watch view and saw that I still had just over 10 minutes left to get my much lusted after sub 2 hour race.  It was tough going, but I managed to find some energy and bursted off to the finish line. Running into a stadium to a finish is awesome, but also it feels as though one will never reach it – I dread to think how my form looked at that point, the last few km my heart rate had been reaching towards max, and once I had made it over the line I think I was close to max. I could hardly breath and was just hoping that the nurses didn’t think I was in trouble.

After catching my breath (and remembering to turn off my garmin) I gingerly texted the number to get my results (Garmin said 1:59:25 but I’d stopped it late, and at 21.35km – segments show my time as 1:58:38). I was utterly delighted to get my text – I’d finished in 1:59:15 – SUB 2!

I am overjoyed, especially as I did lose about 10 seconds a kilometre from 13-20km – I don’t at this point know really if I did go out too fast, or if it’s just to be expected that I’d slow down later in the race (no negative splits for me!) on the slow- incline. I feel happy that I had time in the bank and was able to blow away my demons, but overall even if I hadn’t got the time I’d wished for I feel like I did give the race my all, I did respect the distance this time, and I didn’t listen to my mind as much.

So yeah, wooo hoooo!

We did the mini-varv the next day with the kids (250m), though I carried Arthur for most of it.

Oh and I missed Eurovision. But I did eat a bloomin’ delicious burger. 😀


Recent things!

Firstly big apologies that these pictures aren’t mine.  I keep failing at taking pictures in the daylight, thank you to both artists for allowing me to use their pictures.

These are two recent things I’ve got, the first I couldn’t resist (damn you Tracey!), the second I won (happy happy Gem).

I couldn’t resist one of these when GingerKittyDesigns owner Tracey showcased them on Twitter.  I have the green one, though looking at this I’m not sure I can resist getting a purple one in the future!  It currrently lives on a necklace with my magpie locket, though I’m thinking of making a multi-bead necklace to showcase it… we shall see. The picture is taken from her Etsy (direct link below)

You can get your own from HERE!

This fascinator I won from Black nail polish and lip gloss’s halloween giveaway, imagine my delight on that one!  It’s made by Artisans a gogo (link is to etsy), and is a lovely sugar skull fascinator with accents of white and black feathers.  This picture comes from etsy, as I haven’t worn it yet, though think I will next week.

You can get your own from HERE!

Both Artists were superfast with their shipping from USA to Sweden, even though one was a giveaway and thus nothing actually bought.  I’ll certainly be ordering from both in the future  – I’m tempted to do a giveaway soonish with a nail polish necklace… maybe it will be my 100 follower giveaway!

Greenlivingsoap Etsy Review

Before I get on to the review I have to tell you – I bought an epilator today!  The selling point… it had nail varnishes with it.  Hmmm does that make me a sad person?

I decided to order from Green Living Soap for some things for me and for a friends birthday.  I was drawn to the shop as the location was near to me, and I do like the idea of shopping locally.  I recieved my items within 3 working days which is pretty good.

The link to the shop:-

I ordered:-

Delicious chocolate lip balm   $3.95

Spicy vegetable soap  $3.50

Lemon scented hand balm for rough dry hands $3.95

Cold sore relief lip balm  $5.50

Lemon grass lip balm      $3.95

Rose soaps with lemon verbena scent   $2.50

I recieved an extra soap with my order, and also some discounts for the other shops.

All laid out 🙂

The lip balms

Hand Balm.

I kinda wish I had something to keep this handbalm in other than the plasticy bag (I might try make something for it), it’s a lovely texture to it, and I’ll certainly be using it this coming winter.

The spicy vegetable soap is quite tiny, but that’s a benefit as I like to change soaps quite regularly.  I’m not 100% convinced by the smell/flavour, but the slightly rough texture and unusual shape is certainly awesome.

I’ve been using the lemon grass lip balm for a few weeks now – I adore lemongrass, so it was an immediate hit! It’s vegan, and I think that makes it a little less… creamy, but it applies well, and seems to last a good while. The ‘flavour’ is nice and not overpowering.

The tea tree oil lip salve will certainly be seeing use this winter when my cold sores come out!

I haven’t tried the other things as they were for a friend’s birthday.

Overall I liked the items I’ve bought and I will buy again in the future, I’d really love to try the gingery soap I think was in stock last xmas.

So here’s a little bit of early morning graffiti for you to look at!

Lite mer Isadora Graffiti för att titta på 🙂

I had some luck really the day before yesterday – I went to my local shopping centre and first off I spotted the pink Graffiti in the random nail olish box in H&M – so of course I didn’t waste a second in loading up with them 🙂  Then in åhlens I saw the rest of the display (not actually put out, but shush) so managed to get the rest.  The only one of the collection I don’t have is the yellow (white is in my PHD challenge piece so you’ll see that on sunday :))  Anyways here are the pink and the black for you to look at.

Jag hade tur i för igår – först jag hittade den rosa i H&M, sedan den andra i Åhelns (inte precis ute, men men!) Jag bara missa gula men jag tycker inte så mycket om den.  Vit är i PHD challenge, så här finns rosa och vitt, varsågod 😉

The first thing I need to note here is see my ring finger?  Should have had more base coat, because it’s peeking through *hello nail!* These were applied over fresh polish that while had been dried 5min or so was still kinda wet.  I *think* this makes the crackle chunkier (check with the last pictures – the polish there was a day old), but if the base isn’t dry enough then it drags the base with it.

No top coat in this first pic.

Hoppas du kan förstå på engelska vad jag menar, men det faktiskt går bra att vänta lite mellan först lager och graffiti. ;)

With top coat – and see what I mean?


Black! No draggy problem here – see ring and little finger- muuch drier polish.

Svärt! Inget problem här – lite fingerna är mycket torkade.

Close up. before top coat, innan top coat

With top coat.


So what do you think? Personally I really really can’t wait to play around with these a little more – I see some really random idea’s coming to fruition, from texturing, to ruffians to well…. you’ll see some of my playing so far on sunday!

Såååå vad tänker du? Jag tycker väldigt mycket om den här range, och har ett tusen ide-er!

Don’t you just love how I posted these out of synch? *gigglesnort*

Anyhows this is Mad about You, the blue holo from H&M.  Like the others, the holo effect is more discrete than say OPI DS holos or Nfu.Oh, but the gentle nature of them is still very nice indeed.  This colour took 3 coats to reach a nice even opacity.

3:e innan 2:e… oops. Den här är Mad about You från H&M. Samma som de andra – holo effeckt är mindre än till exempel OPI DS holo eller Nfu.Oh, men jag komma (kommer?) att tycker mycket om effekten i alla fall. Det tog 3 lager för att hitta ett bra opacitet.

Again rubbish weather when these were taken…. yey dåligt väder,,,

Bit of a close up.

So this is a quickie, and I will add next to it, but I’m super excited to have found these in the shops today.  Sadly the two colours I really wanted (black and pink) were already gone – but I have no-doubt they will restock and I will have them.  Equally I’ll keep a close eye out for online stores for anyone who might want them.  There are in white, yellow, pink, green, blue and black.  Today I got my hands on the green and blue but I *need* the pink and black bad!

Snabb nyhet – Jag hittade Isadora graffiti top coat i Kicks idag 😀 De hade redan sålt svärt och rosa – men jag måste har den!  Jag tror de ska komma att här flera- eftersom jag åkte till en annat Kicks och de hade ingen precis nu.  Jag vil också titta online, kanske e-butiker ska komma att här de också? Det finns i vitt, ljus gula, rosa, gröna, blåa och svärt.

The application is pretty good though they dry superfast.  You don’t have to use the Isadora basecoats, and they can be used on day old polish and crackle just fine – so don’t worry about following the instructions prescisely.  The only annoying thing is the wide ass brush, which annoyed the hell out of me!  Guess I’m just not used to it.  It’s also good to know that they dry matte, and once they are dry it’s no problem to add a topcoat – they don’t smear or smudge.

De törka super-snabbt, du behöver inte att anvanda Isadora färg lack innan, och de funkar med dagen alt nagellack.  Brush är lite svårt – so thick!

Isa Dora Graffiti nail tops – these are in 805 .Spraycan Blue and 806 Subway green. Over Sinful colors Tapping Nails and China Glaze 5 Golden Rings.

Sorry for the shitty lack of clean up on the middle nail, I’m too excited!

Close up

Update:- With the addition of topcoat:-

So what do you think?

It’s no secret that I love pink, so it’s no surprise that I’m quite in love with this colour. Sinful Senorita is another of the H&M Holo’s (and the second that the lovely Felzine acquired for me).  I wore this the other day when the weather was really rubbish, and even though it meant that the holo wasn’t as shiny as I’d like, the bright pink really made up for it.

The colour is pretty pigmented, and would work well as a stamping colour in my novice opinion.  I used two coats as there is a slight erm shimmer that took a little even-ing out.  I do really like this colour though.  🙂

Det är ingen hemlighet att jag älskar rosa, så inget nytt att jag älskar den har färg. Sinful Senorita är en till H&M holo (från Felzine, tusen tack igen!) Jag hade den har lack igår när vädret var hemskt skit, men även om det var inte så ljus – den har rosa var faktiskt perfeckt.  Den har lack tar bara ett lager för att bli ogenomskinlig – så ska kanske funkar bra med konad. Jag tog två lager eftersom det finns skimmer i lack att tog två.  Jag älskar den har färg i alla fall 🙂

What do you think?

Vad tycker du?

The first of the swatches from my Magic Maid haul.

It’s no secret that I love China Glaze, and these are no exception, though Lubu Heels was a little bit disappointing, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Thunderbird was pretty richly pigmented, opaque in one coat, but two helped to even out it’s frosting somewhat.

Det är ingen hemlighhet att jag älskar China Glaze, och den har nägellack är ingenting annorlunda, men Lubu Heels var lite nedslånde (google översätt ord – är det rätt?) – jag vill berätta snart 😉

Thunderbird behövde bara ett… uhm lager, men två hjälpte det ser ute bättre.

Both with flash, crappy lighting. Både med flash? Dålig vädret idag!

So here we come to the Lubu Heels.  After asking for it in the sale, I was a little sad when I realised it was not so different to Eyeko Vampira Polish.

The first coat was really wishy washy – it took three coats to hit opacity.  I compared a little with Eyeko- in the rubbish light we had today it was hard to see the difference, but looking at the photos there is *phew*

Här har vi Lubu Heels. Efter jag köpte den jag tittade på nätet och var lite ledsen – det är liknar Eyeko Vampira Polish.

Den första lager var tungt – det tog tre lager innan opacitet.  Har du kan titta på både Eyeko och ChG – i mörka ljuset idag de såg ute inte så annorlunda, men på bilderna man kan ser de är inte detsamma, YEY!

Same way around here.

I think that the base black is much more jelly in the China Glaze which accounts for the slow reach of opacity – but it does mean it has a greater depth (which shows up a little in the pictures).  I will however play with these again when the weather is a little more conductive to comparisions!

Samma sak i den har bilderna.

Jag tror att den svärt i China Glaze är mycket mer gele så det tar mer lager innan det är ogenomskinlig (? google översätt igen!), men det ser ut bättre tycker jag (i bild till exempel). Jag ska prova mer när vader är bättre.

Yesh, I got impatient waiting for my Nfu.Oh Nail mail, so I took Night party off.  The wear after 3 days was minimal (just tip wear) So if I ever see another that looks funky (and ideally in a sale) I may very well give it a go!  Anyways Today I decided to give You rock my world a go, the silver holo from H&M (which I got thanks to a certain wonderful person who you should check out if you don’t already)

Application wise, it was a little easier in terms of not smearing between layers than Nfu.Oh’s holos over the same (Depend Hydrating) base, however it dried a lot slower and was victim to me being impatient (hence my thumb obscuring my finger in these shots).  The effect is more shimmery and less holo than Nfu.Oh which I like in some respects, though at the same time it was a little streaky which I wasn’t *as* chuffed about.

Unfortunatly I utterly ragged my left hand taking pictures (as I said… impatient girl here!), so I can’t really talk about wear.  It’s a keeper for sure though – as the overall silver colour is *love*

Onto the pictures – all are flash as I was a little late this evening!

See slightly streaky looking.

And a close up for the final shot – hololicious!

Now I have a little question for anyone who may speak swedish and reads this – basically I’m considering (as part of trying to write better swedish) of dual languaging some of my posts – would you read the swedish or just not bother? Would it give you a good giggle when I fail?  If so I’m totally up for it, haha!

So I was lucky enough to be sent these lovely samples from Aromaleigh to swatch, look at and drool at from her Victoria’s Revenge Collection 2010

The collection is inspired by Victoriana/Steampunk and some more recent inspirations from fashion collections – you can check out it in more detail from the link above.  The collection is available to purchase now!


So pretty, I can’t believe that these are just samples to be honest, such lovely thoughtful packaging.


My samples all out for me to look at


And their arses – Decided to try put them together in matching swatches.  To clarify the bottom half is swatched over pixie epoxy, the top is over bare skin – I’m not very good working with wet minerals, so please excuse me!

The Swatches


Frigid Gloo…. lol, I clearly meant to write Gloom, but the typo is too funny!









Miss K is running a Description contest as well, so here are my descriptions for each of the colours.

Skeleton Key – Nigh on holographic silver shimmering shadow, which is bound to unlock your heart! (One of my favourites since it is holographic almost!)

Frigid Gloo(m) – Shallow oceanic blue with purple sparkle-shimmer, nothing frigid apart from the temperature!

Scratched Scruples – A deeper, darker ocean with co-ordinating sparkle, jump in!

Gaslight Tears – Dusty purple shimmering with pinks and blues, shimmer in the flickering light.

Mallia’s Focus – Almost magical dusky colour with multi-sheen, hard to focus on these colours!

Mournings Whimsy – Vibrant purple, with a blue shimmery effect.

Poison Eutopia – Don’t drink from the fountain! Dark base with glorious purple glitter/sheen, drown in the depths.

Ruthless Indulgence – Dark base lifted from the depths with pink glittery highs, indulgent and sneaky colour. (this is one of my favourites)

Apocalypse Pansy – Dark dusky pink, with shimering highs.

Airy Ethos – Golden yellow, shimmering in the sunlight – perhaps parts of a steampunk outfit.

Private Lunacy – Olive green brought up to sparkly heights, the lunatics are in the asylum.

Tarnished Strychnine – Dark forest green, with shimmering co-ordinating hues.

Mayhems Trilogy – Vibrant grass green with hues of blues in it’s glittery depths.

Obscura – Blues greens and blacks combined into depthy obscurity. Dark colour with a lot of depth.

Splinterd – Darker than Tarnished Strychnine, with more to the blue-green hues – deeper in the forest less light seeps through the folliage.

Nightshade – Dangerously sparkly, almost black base with highlights of blue,  dark and sparkly – use with caution!

Freakshow – Burnt gold with matching highlights, the colour of worn carnivale-ride metal, Metallic

Perpetual Motion – Coppery-goodness, metallic goggles polished to perfection.  A metallic copper colour with beautiful depths and hues, Metallic.

Brazen and Bitter – Volcanic orange, strong hues unafraid to stand out from the others, and to disrupt all with its ash (bad Icelandic reflections I know, but yeah I think that Volcano is brazen and bitter, haha!)

Infernal Chaos – The shimmer of the beautiful carnivale gymnast’s tights! Okay that sounds wierd, but this shimmer is light pink and reminds me of the tights I used to dance in.  Excellent as a highlight I think.

Cyanide Sorrow – Dusky roses by the window,  bitter almond scent in the room, it can only have been cyanide.  Dusky dark pink with silvery sparkly highlights.

Oleander Vapor – Middling  pink, slightly shimmering in the sunlight.

Bleeding Poppy – Rich magenta with higlighting sheen.

Phantasm – Grey/brown base onto highlights that are sparkly with sheen, but so much more – almost ghost-like.

Magik Metal – A rich dark red brown, rusty contraptions never looked so inviting, semi metallic.

EoTD – The Skely key



For this look I used my favourite shades from flrst glance

Base is MAC Paint pot in Painterly and Fyrinnae – Pixie Epoxy

– Ruthless Indulgence – used for next to the eye, like an eyeliner.

– Skeletonkey – all over the lid

-Infernal haos – Highlight above Skeleton key