Not long to go I presume until we finally get some new content. Currently still fighting with 3D, though its more a fight to get the optimal set-up online at the same time. Think should I manage that for a couple of days then we should take him down with ‘relative’ ease.

Achievements are something I’m not convinced on. While it gives new content, in a way… it also divides player base. I must admit I don’t really care for some title or another, but harder content and harder fights- yes please.

With the information that Uldar is going to have 10 or so bosses with an additional hard mode, it doesnt exactly fill me with glee, but the fun to begin with is going to be actually clearing the content.

Reading around on the upcoming nerf, it makes me wonder how in practice healing set-ups will actually change, but I’ll think over that and maybe post something later- really hoping I can read some PTR Literature, or get on there myself.

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